- When the best time to order my cake
Depending on the available dates, is better to order the cake 4 - 6 weeks before the special date
We limit our baking to only 5 cake a day.

- Do I need to make a downpayment ?
  All cakes order require a full payment

- Where is your delivery area for your cakes?
  We only deliver to Jakarta

- Can I pick up my cake ? Where I could pick up my cake? 
   Yes, you can. Pick up cake only on Kelapa Gading, Jakarta.

- Do you make a fondant cake?
   Yes, I love everything about cake, fondant, buttercream, creamcheese all of it. :)

- How do I store my cake/cupcakes?
   Our cakes are meant to be enjoyed fresh from the oven, if you plan on storing them, we suggest placing them in an artight container at room temperature maximum for 2 days or in refrigerator maximum 4 days

- Does the price include all the decoration on the cakes? 
  Yes. However, if you require extra figurine, 3D flower buttercream, there will be an extra cost.
Additional cost for other decoration are:
 -  flag decoration for cupcake is IDR 45.000 for each cake / dozen
 -  wishes fondant is IDR 20.000 for each cake / dozen (whishes and name )
 -  semi fondant decoration is IDR 45.000 for each cake / dozen
 -  edible printing is IDR 100.000 for each / dozen

Thank you