I am in love with cakes, cookies, and all kinds of desserts since I was a child.

Now, I am a wife and mom with two kids. To be a mom and wife who is a passionate cooking and baker at home, I was realize that all kids loves cake and cookies. My kids (girl and boy), have been my source of inspiration and also a great support to me at home. They are my best and most critical tester for all my cakes and cookies. But, we have different taste about cake , my husband and son likes cheese on the other hand my little girl and me likes chocolate or something sweet. So that's why my bakeshop namely "sweetandcheese" 

My baking passion and journey started one fine day when i have bravery to made my husband's birthday cake. First cake  that I made was "Red Velvet Cake". It was made me so excited to learn and learn for finding the best recipes.  Of course there was many trial & error times of establishing hundreds of recipes, and learn how to make a good picture by myself.

My husband, saw the opportunity to channel my passion and bless many by letting them taste my love for baking. He encouraged me to start my own baking business in the future.

In June 2014 we started sweetandcheese, with my husband, we went through hard times together and always  supporting each other in every situation.

There is some fact of sweetandcheese cakes are based on good taste, healthy for anyone include child, freshness.

- Only uses premium ingredients purchased locally or internationally so as not to               compromise the quality and taste of cakes and cookies I bake.
- Less sugar, no preservative, no essences or additional flavour to keep the original taste of cakes such coffee we use real coffee, real chocolate etc.
- use the best quality food colouring, so it is very safely to consume them.
- use high quality chocolate and fresh fruits
- Don't use TBM, SP, Ovalet

So, our cakes isn't just look good but the taste very delicious too. You can prove it Now..!
I am ever so thankful to the customers for their trust and I'm more than willing to bake extra time for them :)

I do not have a big bakery shop but I'm happy to be an artisan home baker at my own little house in Kelapa Gading.

Thank you for order